viernes, marzo 04, 2016

Escuela de verano de Paleografía


Entre el 13 y el 17 de junio de 2016
Institute of English Studies, Senate House, University of London


LUNES, 13 de junio

Pre-Norman British and Irish Psalters (Dr Carol Farr)
History of Latin Scripts I: Antiquity to Caroline Minuscule (Dr James Willoughby)
English Palaeography, 1500-1900 (Christopher Whittick)
How Medieval Manuscripts Were Made (Patricia Lovett)
Introduction to Greek Palaeography I (Dr Laura Franco)

MARTES, 14 de junio

Introduction to Anglo-Saxon Palaeography (Dr Debby Banham)
History of Latin Scripts II: Protogothic to Humanist (Dr James Willoughby)
Introduction to Visigothic Script (Dr Ainoa Castro Correa)
Codicology: An Introduction for Beginners (Dr James Freeman)
Introduction to Greek Palaeography II (Dr Laura Franco)

MIÉRCOLES, 15 de junio

The Insular System of Scripts to AD 900 (Professor Julia Crick)
Introduction to Latin Palaeography (Dr Marigold Norbye)
Reading & Editing Renaissance English Manuscripts I (Dr Chris Stamatakis)
Codicology: An Introduction to Cataloguing (Peter Kidd)

JUEVES, 16 de junio

Introduction to Welsh Palaeography (Dr Helen McKee) [half-day course]
Intermediate Latin Palaeography (Dr Marigold Norbye)
Reading & Editing Renaissance English Manuscripts II (Dr Chris Stamatakis)
Codicology & Cataloguing: A Hands-On Workshop (Dr James Freeman & Peter Kidd)
Vernacular Editing: Chaucer and his Contemporaries (Professor Anthony Edwards)

VIERNES, 17 de junio

Approaches to the Art of Insular Manuscripts (Dr Carol Farr)
The Transitional Script of the Long Twelfth Century (Dr Erik Kwakkel)
Writing and Reading Medieval Manuscripts: Folio Layouts in Context (Dr Anna Somfai)
Painting a Medieval Miniature (Patricia Lovett)
German Palaeography (Dr Dorothea McEwan & Dr Claudia Wedepohl)

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