jueves, noviembre 22, 2018

Monográfico: la escritura en una cárcel inquisitorial

Graffiti: New perspectives from the Inquisitorial Prison in Palermo

Giovanna Fiume y Mercedes García-Arenal (eds.)

Quaderni storici, 157 (2018)


Giovanna Fiume y Mercedes Garciìa-Arenal, "Introduction", pp. 3-14.

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Giovanna Fiume, "Justice, Expiation and Forgiveness in the Graffiti and Drawings of Palermo's Secret Prisons", pp. 71-108.

Valeria La Motta, "Saints in Prison. Francesco Baronio's Calendar", pp. 109-136.

Antonio Castillo Gómez, "Secret Voices. Prison Graffiti in the Spanish Empire (16th-18th centuries)", pp. 137-164.

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