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Los archivos en la Edad Moderna



Archival Transformations in Early Modern Europe

Vol. 46, nº 3, julio de 2016



Filippo de Vivo, Andrea Guidi y Alessandro Silvestri: Archival Transformations in Early Modern European History


Alessandro Silvestri: Archives of the Mediterranean: Governance and Record-Keeping in the Crown of Aragon in the Long Fifteenth Century

Andrea Guidi: The Florentine Archives in Transition: Government, Warfare and Communication (1289–1530 ca.)

Vanessa Harding: Monastic Records and the Dissolution: A Tudor Revolution in the Archives?

Randolph C. Head: Configuring European Archives: Spaces, Materials and Practices in the Differentiation of Repositories from the Late Middle Ages to 1700

Filippo de Vivo: Archives of Speech: Recording Diplomatic Negotiation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

Antonio Castillo Gómez: The New Culture of Archives in Early Modern Spain

Markus Friedrich: Being an Archivist in Provincial Enlightened France: The Case of Pierre Camille Le Moine (1723–1800)

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